Additional automated action criteria


It would be great to do be able to trigger more sophisticated automated actions e.g. Combine triggers (boolean), or triggers in addition to filters e.g. for opportunties where Status is open and Inactive Days is more than & priority = high



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    This feature has been superseded by workflow automation.  We took input from this thread when we were looking at how we built this out.

  • Or show me the open opportunities where the related person has no open tasks

  • I would like the ability to add additional filters/criteria to trigger the automated actions. This should allow for more options (like filtering for specific tags, locations, categories) and multiple options (inactivity AND tag AND location).

    For example, I may have a specific group of people that I would like to contact more often. So, if I could indicate if a person is inactive for more than 7 days and tag is "priority" then take this action. Whereas a standard action would be if a person is inactive for 30 days, then follow-up.

  • Any update on this feature?

  • This feature would be super helpful! Any updates on it? The original request is from 2015.

  • We're currently taking a close look at our Task and Automated Action functionality and will have a proper update at a later time. Thanks for your patience :)

  • Would be great to set an automated action based on a tag that is assigned to a person or lead

  • Another e.g:

    Contact type= Client

    Inactive days > 30 days



  • I would like to request that additional trigger actions be added to automated tasks to fulfill exceptions such as contact type
    for example:
    2. Specify your trigger (Entity and Trigger)
    If a Company's Inactive Days is more than 14 days,
    AND if the contact type IS NOT: Unqualified/Not a match,
    AND/OR reseller,
    AND/OR Vendor

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