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We need the ability to create recurring tasks and events, especially for Projects. Example - We run a digital marketing agency. A Project for us might be providing a Search Engine Marketing solution to a client. Part of the Project will require weekly AdWords Optimization, weekly content development, etc... These tasks need to be assigned to the right person every week. Having to rely on someone to enter them every week is inefficient and counterproductive to the "Zero Input" concept of ProsperWorks. Not to mention the issues that can arise when someone does forget to recreate a task.

It has been recommended that we create a task once and instead of marking it complete we just change the date on it. This is NOT a solution. Each time a task is performed we need to record notes as to what was done and tie them to the date they were completed. Hence we can't just change the date of a task ongoing.

I believe this type of functionality applies to many industries and hope this feature makes its way on to your development roadmap sooner than later.



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    Hi all! Thank you for your patience and feedback on this feature. I am happy to announce that Copper now supports recurring tasks. When creating a task, you'll not have the option to set a daily, weekly, monthly or custom cadence for how often that task reoccurs.

    Read up on the feature here and start creating recurring tasks:

  • Yes, we definitely need these. They are essential for an online CRM dashboard.

  • +1

  • +1

  • yes, recurring task please - is on the horizon?

  • +1

  • +1 it's essential

  • WE NEED THIS SO BAD! We are a real estate company and I have to update social media every month for each listing. So instead of creating tasks every month I end up just changing the date to the task. Which I would like to copy and paste what I posted to social media in the description fields of each task.

  • WHY the heck is this not in here!!!! We need this so bad it makes our system so manual we may as well not even have it!

    You need to add a repeat function into tasks ASAP.

  • Anyone in this group care to provide feedback on designs for some task improvements, including recurring tasks? Get in touch with

    Thank you!

  • Is there an update on this feature and when Prosperworks plans to make it available?

  • Hi Hallie, we're actively working on it and hope to make it available before the end of the year. Let me know if you're interested in taking a look at the designs and providing feedback. Thank you!

  • Hi Ursula - is this feature on schedule to be released end of this year?

  • Also curious, this has been in the work-in-progress and even the Upcoming Features and Fixes section for as long as I can remember:

    • Recurring Tasks
    • Relative Task Reminders

    Any ETA on this?

    The Upcoming Features and Fixes section looks super outdated too by the way, much of that has already been launched or is currently in public beta.

  • I understand we have the ability to create recurring tasks manually, but is there a way to add a recurring task to an automated workflow?

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