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    Ursula Shekufendeh

    Hi Laurel, search by activity notes should become available tomorrow. Please check our release notes for new feature updates:

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    Alex Bass

    Really appreciate the post! Glad to read that you indeed take this forum very seriously because it's easy to start thinking that what we say falls on deaf ears when jumping into a forum-like community, especially when the prosperwork team isn't commenting too much.

    Really wish there was some way better to vote though.. It's pretty much a miracle to see a post with more than 1-2 "upvotes". There are many great (and sometimes very simple) suggestions that people bring up but noone votes. I urge the community to skim through past posts and upvote the features that they feel are useful/important.

    I have a lot of faith in ProsperWorks and recommend it to clients so I pay a lot attention to this forum because I want to do my part to help improve the product that I recommend and personally use. I am subscribed to it and skim through posts to upvote topics that I can agree with - Please, if anyone else in the community is reading this, subscribe, or atleast skim through a few posts and upvote them.

    Thanks guys!

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