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    Alex Bass

    This is an incredibly useful/interesting idea.

    I have a client who does this in their process, but by painstakingly adding each customer on a custom Google Map. It is very rough and tons of manual data entry.

    If ProsperWorks could do things like this and interact opportunities with Google Maps, that would be awesome! Talk about a Google-focused CRM, this would be right up that alley.

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    Sean Roark

    This is the key feature I need to convince my boss to dump salesforce. The holy grail is a way to see Businesses on the map with a priority field tied to a map symbol. Different color star would be fine. Ideally selecting the star on the map gives the address, name, and a link back to the Copper business page. Incredibly useful for traveling sales. 

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    Rachel Harrigan

    Thanks for the feature request! I am sorry we do not have this feature yet. In the meantime, you can export your data and map it in here:


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