[RESELLER] Search For Related Tasks Connected to Leads/People/Comopanies



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    Rachel Harrigan

    Have you tried doing a custom webhook to get related tasks?https://developer.prosperworks.com/#ce0181b7-a52e-ed45-9aa8-8cea84523250 


    Here is a sample CURL request to get related tasks that belong to a person record by ID: 

    curl --request GET \
    --header "Content-Type: application/json" \
    --header "X-PW-AccessToken:TOKEN" \
    --header "X-PW-Application: developer_api" \
    --header "X-PW-UserEmail:EMAIL" \

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    Alex Bass

    Thanks @Rachel! The only downside here that I'm seeing is it limits to 1 task and the response you get back is fairly barebones (doesn't include subject or anything, only type & ID):


    I wish I was able to search with some criteria, like containing the word "x" for example. Our leads usually have 1-2 tasks outstanding, so if we just do this related lookup and then mark it as "complete" it might be the wrong task. I could then do a lookup of the task information w/ the ID that was grabbed, but say it grabbed the wrong task, all I can do is kill off the automation by filtering it out, I can't actually grab the other task.

    With the above API request, I should be able to get this working about 70% of the time, the issue is if we ever have more than 1 task with a lead (which is a normal occurrence).

    Any other suggestions with that in mind?

    Thanks so much Rachel!

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