Data Studio - Copper Connector Errors

I setup the connector using the API key I generated and using the account that I use with copper. I chose "opportunities" as my record type. I made a new report and just tried to draw a table. 

I used the following configuration:

  • data source = copper
  • date range dimension = close date
  • dimension = owner
  • metric = order id (count distinct)
  • default date range = custom "this month"
  • table filter = status won opportunities

It only seems to give an error. I tried refresh just to be sure. I tried reconnecting the data source. I tried adding the data source as the data source for the page itself also.


The error message is: 

System error...
Error Details

There was an error requesting data from the community connector. Please report the issue to the provider of this community connector if this issue persists.

I have gotten a few different Error ID's. 9a894021, 31916563, and some others but the "details" seems to be the same.



  • I am getting the same thing with one of my clients. I'm guessing the Opportunity dataset is possibly too large? Loading takes forever and ends up resulting in an error.

    Also, is there any type of caching going on or anything? This doesn't seem very user-friendly for more large datasets (over 10k opportunity records).

    Is there any way to silo it off to just one opportunity pipeline to reduce the initial load and possibly resolve the general error we have been getting?

    It seems like it is doing an entirely new fresh pull of data each time we reload the Google Data Studio page. Isn't that a lot of pressure on your API?

  • Yea it's after a long attempt to load. I assumed the same thing and that's why I set the default date range to this month.

    I don't have it working at all so I can't answer any of your other questions.

  • Hi all, going to reach out individually to collect more info!

  • Thank you Rachel!

  • If anyone else runs into issues with Google Data Studio, or has a bug, please submit a request here:

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