Custom fields by pipeline


Using the API, I am trying to list the custom fields by pipeline, but I cannot find what data links them.

In the interface (Settings --> Field Settings), the custom fields for the opportunities are present by pipeline.

Any idea, how can this be done with HTTP requests?




  • You cannot list them by pipeline, but you can retrieve the custom field definitions, which will indicate which entities the field is available on. The Actual field data is updated on the Opportunity record. Any custom field available for an opportunity will exist for all opportunities. The Settings page only controls the visibility of the field in the user interface, not on the record itself. 

  • Mark, thank you very much for your answer.

    I had also noticed this lack of information by strictly using the API, hence my question.

    I am still curious how is your interface able to tell which fields are active or inactive in a certain pipeline under opportunities. And, why a developer using the API cannot get this information?


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