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I would love to be able to attach documents from my file system email generated within Copper platform.  This would be a huge improvement.





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    Hey everyone,

    We currently have this feature in development. We are excited to bring this to you early in Q2 after we complete the development and QA.



  • Yes, I agree. This would be extremely useful as I send attachments with a large proportion of my emails and so without any email attachment feature, the email feature within Copper is defunct and I must still go out to gmail to send me emails.

  • I agree with Alex and Frank. To me this should be standard, it's rather frustrating that the only workaround is via google drive by inserting a link. 

  • I agree, adding email attachments would be really useful. I find it strange that this isn't already a feature.

  • This would be very useful!


    Does directly embedding images count too, or do I have to create another feature request for that?

  • Any updates on when this will finally be available? 

  • Any comment from Copper staff?

  • This would be very helpful.

  • This would be super super super helpful.  Team Copper update here?

  • Any response from copper?

  • This feature is live now! Just saw it in the most recent update. 

  • Hi Castel,

    I can't seem to find it within copper, are you able to add a screenshot of where this appears.

  • Here's a screenshot. Hope this helps!


  • I found that, thanks.  This is for individual emails.  I don't think it has been added to 'bulk emails'

  • Ah, we don't use that feature, so i'm not sure. Happy hunting!

  • This is available when you send an email from the contact record.  For bulk email, we're working to add this in the near term.

  • Thanks Wyndham Hudson.  Would just like to add my voice to other comments that it will be VERY useful to be able to add attachments to bulk e-mails.

  • One more voice to Stefan Hugo's message

  • I agree.  We thought that this would be a standard feature with Copper.  It would be really helpful if it were.  

  • I second that. For bulk mails with attachments, i have to use a third party tool...shame.

  • David Weiss I'm dealing with this problem too, and I haven't been able to find a third party solution that can actually include the attachments as attachments, rather than just links. What third party tool do you use?

  • Hi everyone,

    We will be working on this item in Q1 of 2021. We look forward to providing this feature to you soon.


  • Great to hear this is coming in the next quarter. This would be a game changer.

    Also open to creating the bulk emails in Draft so they could be further edited or scheduled in Gmail as an alternative.


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