contacts within Copper not sync to google contact



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    Emily Page

    Hi Kevin,

    Check out the note at the bottom of this article around the unique way contacts in Copper sync to an iPhone as opposed to the web app, and click through to the work-around. If that doesn't resolve it, we can send it to Engineering!

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    Aron Gosselin

    Hi Kevin, 

    In addition to Emily's comment, I'd like to inform you that we've partnered up with Copper to provide a seamless two-way contact sync between Copper and Google Contacts. More info here.

    For example you'd be able to sync your leads to a specific folder in Google and your Customers to another Folder in Google. Every time you add a new lead to that folder, we'll make sure to create it in Copper too. You can customize this as much as you'd like to match your needs. 

    Let me know if you'd need any help. 

    Cheers, Aron @piesync

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