Filtering People - multiple Companies

I have filtered my Company list and now want to bulk email all of the People associated with those Companies (multiple People work at each Company). Is this possible? 

I know that it's possible to filter People by Company, but I would like a shortcut when I want to filter by multiple Companies.




  • Hi Michelle, 

    Absolutely! Just click the envelope icon that appears across the top of your list of Companies, compose your email and send. This will bulk email the Primary Contact on each company in the list. 

  • Hi Emily,

    How can I bulk email all of the People who work at each Company? For example, I want to email all of the People who work at all of the Companies in Toronto. I filter Companies for Toronto, but if I click the envelope I only email the Primary Contact, rather than all of the employees at those companies.



  • Hi Michelle, 

    Thanks for clarifying that you'd like to send to all contacts, and not just the primary. This is not natively possible with our bulk send feature at the company level. Like you said above, your best option would be to go into person records and filter for company. That allows the bulk send to capture every person associated with a single company. Another path might be to use one of our third-party bulk email integrations

  • Hi Emily,

    Is there a way to easily filter People by many companies? Or do the company names have to be inputed manually? I guess it would be possible to do it once and then save the filter if I plan on repeating this in the future.

  • Hi Michelle, 

    The 'Company' filter lets you list more than one company, which would produce a list of all people who work at the multiple companies you chose. You could then click the 'Company' column header to sort the list alphabetically by company name. If the end result is bulk emailing all the people associated with multiple companies, this would be possible. If you want to count the number of people associated with each company, you'd want to export the list into a spreadsheet that has numbered rows. 

  • Hi Emily,

    This thread is helpful. I also was attempting a batch email with all contacts at the company but couldn't figure it out.

    Another question I had regarding this is how to determine the primary contact in a list of company contacts. I believe the CRM keeps the first record entered as the primary contact when searching by Company. Is there a way to have multiple contacts but make one the primary contact when filtering by Company?

    Thank you,




  • Hi Ricardo, 

    The primary contact for a company is the first person record related to that company. While you can't see the primary contact listed on the company record, you can see it on the company list view if you have the 'Contact' column in place:

    A single company can have multiple people assocated with it. The first person associated with the company is always the primary contact. The other people associated with the company are the additional contacts. To see a list of all contacts for a single company, filter your list of people records for those associated with the company.

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