API Integation - Sales Automation Platform (Outreach.io, Reply.io, Salesloft, others?)



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    Rachel Harrigan

    What workflows or automations are you looking for?

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    David Waugh

    I'm trying to find your Tray.io integration.  It shows in the licensing that Tray.io is included with Professional Edition, but yet I don't see Tray.io through the integration page.

    We want to set up Copper/Prosperworks with Zendesk and Outreach.io.

    How do we access Tray.io in through our login?



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    Rachel Harrigan

    Tray is extra. If you are interested in implementing Tray, please make a request here:



    However, we have a Zendesk integration coming soon! I will sign you up for the beta.

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    Alex Bass

    Hi David,

    Depending on what you are looking to achieve, you would use a mixture of the tools above in addition to the native API via webhooks.

    There's a lot that can be done between automating the sales outreach throughout various stages within the sales process. For example, automatically have new leads be added to a sales outreach campaign, depending on the stage within the sales process it moves the prospect between outreach campaigns and/or removes them from campaigns. Marking leads as lost/abandoned can trigger unique campaigns specific to your sales process as well.

    Just getting a chance to see this so you may have already taken some steps forward or have chosen to go with other software but we have had a lot of success with Reply + Copper with our clients. We are actually a certified Reply.io integrator (https://reply.io/partners - CyberBytes) and Copper partner, was actually just up in Toronto visiting the co-founder of Reply. They have a great vision for their software.

    Feel free to shoot me over an email to info@cyberbytesinc.com with a bit more information on what you are looking to achieve between these two systems or just let me know if you would like to have a discovery call. Happy to help!

    All the best,


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