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I am able to search the subject line in an email from one of my contacts. Pic attached. Often I have property address in the subject line to the ability to search for these is terrific. However when I click on it , I'm taken to the Person and not to the actual email itself. Once in the Person window, there is no search option to get find it again and I have to scroll through all the email activities. 

Can someone help me figure out how to search email contents (even if its just the subject line) and be able to jump right to that email?


Thank you!



  • Hi Steve, 

    Our search functionality returns keyword results in the following categories: Leads, people, companies, opportunities, projects and tasks. However, we have exciting news: Our Product Team is in the early stages of developing a search functionality for the Activity Log on a record, which would let you search for an email directly. In the mean time, you can filter the activity log on a record to show just emails to help you find the email in question faster.

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