Annual automated task

I would like to set up an automated task which always occurs on 1st November, no matter when the opportunity was created. 

No matter when the contract is signed (i.e. opportunity won), I want to send an invoice on 1st November (i.e. get notified by Copper on 1st November to send an invoice). 

In automated actions I only found the option to create a task "X days after changing the status of the opportunity", i.e. a relative not absolute date. Is there an option to set an absolute date for the automatically created task, or do I need to work around that? Thank you.



  • Hi Tomas, 

    Automated Actions are dependent on a triggering event, not a calendar date, so you are correct in saying that won't work. Our new recurring tasks functionality will let you manually create a task once and ask it to reoccur yearly. 

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