How to I export reports?

I would like to export my pipeline report daily to my team.

how do I do this, and how do I make it happen daily without a manual task?



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  • Hi Andrew,


    Thanks for the post!

    There is a way to do it through Custom Reporting, which you can build either through Google Data Studio (requiring an API key and to be on Professional or Business) or the Custom Report Builder with the Google Sheets add-on.


    With Google Data Studio, you can build an Opportunity Template which will allow you to have the data auto-refresh and fully see the pipeline of your users.  This can be customized once you have an account with Google Data Studio.  As a reminder, you must be on Professional or Business to use it.


    With the Custom Report Builder, the Google Sheets Add-On, you can import your Opportunity Data of the Pipeline of your choice, and build your own charts/graphs inside of Google Sheets.  These reports are to be refreshed manually, but offer the ability to load and customize your data in Google Sheets.  You can find more content on Templates here.


    We are now offering Custom Reporting training available at our Training site if you wanted to sign up here.


    If you need anything else, just let us know!




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