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I am the owner of the trial account which I opened recently and am still trialing Copper. Do I have both admin and user permissions. I have no staff yet so I need full usage permission to do everything I need to do. Apparently its best for admins to do some tasks to avoid complications so I need to know how to change my permissions to make sure I can work as an admin as well. Any ideas?





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  • Hi Cal,

    Thanks for the message!  I'm happy to help you.

    If you are the only user, then you are considered an Account Owner, which is a glorified Admin that can do the same actions of Admins and Users.  When you go to Settings inside of your Copper account, you will have the option to Customize Copper.

    When you start adding users into your Copper account once you sign up after the trial, you can go to Manage Users and begin assigning roles.  The roles that Copper offers are as follows:

    1. Company Users - You can have more than one user. These are your team members. They have the essential functionality required to interact with your people, company and opportunity records to move them through the pipeline. 
    2. Admin - You can have more than one Admin. These people have full access to contacts and settings permissions. Admins can see all emails and records, regardless of any visibility settings
    3. Account Owner - There is only one owner of your account. This is the only person who can manage all other users (adding, deleting, etc.) and make billing decisions. The account owner can do the work of any other role.

    You can find all the information on Managing your Users HERE from our Knowledge Base.

    Let me know if I can help clarify more!



    Brett Ponton
    Customer Education at Copper

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