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I am a realtor. The most important leads in my world are 1- Sellers, 2- Buyers, 3- Landlords and 4- Tenants. In addition however, the common denominator for all four of these clients is real estate (apartments, houses, shops, offices, buildings etc). Part of the reason I am trialing Copper is to see if there is a reliable way to record a database of properties in my area, on Copper.

The post below (on your Community page) was from someone with a similar need and it was interesting to read but I don't understand some stuff....

For instance; the first suggestion (Mark Blothe) is that the poster should type the address of each property in the company field when recording a new lead.

  1. why can't you simply ignore that field and create a custom field for the property instead? Its confusing calling a building a company after all and apparently the only mandatory field in Leads is the Lead Name field.
  2. Can you delete all the other fields then, and create your own if needs be?




  • Hi Cal,


    Thank you for the post!  I'm happy to help you.

    Below, I've answered your questions:

    1. Copper requires that you put a name in Company Records.  My suggestion is that, as part of your workflow, you consider Name to be the Property Name.  You won't be able to change the Name field or make it not required, as it is locked inside of the Customize section.  The reason that Leads don't make Name mandatory is because Leads represent potential business deals.  You'll need to go through the qualification process to decide if it should be a Qualified Contact, which will require a Name.
    2. The fields inside of Company that can not be deleted are Name, Owner, Phones, Contact Type, Email Domain, and Visibility.  For these fields, you can drag them down to the bottom of your list by clicking & holding the two lines on the left of the Field.  All other fields can be deactivated if you want to clean them up.  From there, you can create your own fields and make it focused on the Property Information!

    Let me know if that helps!



    Brett Ponton

    Customer Education at Copper

  • I would make the Name field the Property Name. In my case, I always set this to the Owner's name and have the property information within that Lead (Owner) record.

    I don't use Companies at all and wish I could hide that one module. 

  • Thanks Brett and Cameron

    So. In LEADS (or PEOPLE, COMPANIES, OPPORTUNITIES, ETC)....if I delete all the fields that I don't want (if I can) and add new ones which I create myself, will copper automatically generate a spreadsheet based on that new set of fields?? I have loads of data which I would like to import via spreadsheet, which seems the simplest method but, I'm really struggling with getting these fields right so the spreadsheet uploads reflecting what is on the LEADS record/profile. 


  • Hi Cal,

    Great question!  If you add in the new fields and export the data, Copper will add new columns into the spreadsheet with the values.

    Vice versa, if you are importing the spreadsheet into Copper using the new field names and matching the Field Values to the spreadsheet when you import, it will put those values into the correct field.  You might need to adjust the Field to match the column name, like the screenshot below.


    Just double check that the values you have in your spreadsheet match the values inside of Copper!  If you have further questions, I encourage that you sign up for our Importing course that is happening next week at our Training page HERE.

    My suggestion is to add in the new fields that you want, Export your Data to see how Copper organized it into the Spreadsheet, then use that as a skeleton to place your new data in!

    Let me know if you need anything else.


    Brett Ponton

    Customer Education at Copper

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