"Related to", People within Opportunities - possible to add a note or note field?

Glad that it's possible to relate multiple people records to an Opportunity, but is it possible to note more about that "related to" decision? Ideally possible to add a dropdown that indicates the role of the Person to the Opportunity... Decision Maker; Jr Team Member; Billing Contact; etc... Thoughts?



  • One way you could do this is with the new Connect Fields. You could have a field for each type of role. The downside is this does not link up email and Activities if you need that inline with the Opportunity.

  • Thanks Cameron - before I discovered the "related" capability, I'd tried connecting the Opportunity and Person objects, but even then, it's tough to notate anything in addition to the link - an qualitative indication... Am I missing something though? I'm brand new to Copper. Thank you! 

  • The only way I think it would work well is if you had a field for all of the roles like "Decision Maker", "Billing Contact", etc and those fields were all Connect Fields, so then you would add the Person who is the Decision Maker to that field. That's the only way to make note of which role they are. 

  • Right on - I see! Thanks for the suggestion :)

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