Importing Leads via excel


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    Brett Ponton

    Hi Cal,

    Thanks for the message to the Copper Community!  I'm happy to help you.

    The notification in red at the bottom is about some cells that are in other columns that you sent me.  The notification is for you to relate some fields that are in the other columns that might be new fiends that have not yet been added into Copper yet.

    I recommend going to the fields with the (!) inside the triangle and look for the cells that are red, like the example below:


    When you click FIX it will allow you to connect the new data to an existing data option that is already inside of Copper or create a new option in that specific field if you want that to be a future option to select from.

    Let me know if you need more assistance!  



    Brett Ponton

    Customer Education at Copper


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