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Our business is currently looking into a service to schedule and send our clients text message appointment reminders. It would be incredibly helpful if this could integrate with Copper so that all of our contacts could be in one place. Is there any way to do this currently or any plans to add this in the future?



  • Hi Todd,

    Thanks for the message!  Happy to help you solve this.

    While Copper does not offer an out-of-the-box solution for Text Messaging reminders, we integrate with RingCentral that can provide this!  I'm happy to send this feature request to our Product team, but for the time being please check out this article here to learn more on how to have SMS reminders sent to clients through RingCentral. 

    We also integrate with JustCall if you wanted to look at another 3rd Party Integration as well.



    Brett Ponton

    Customer Education at Copper

  • hi - i am needing something similar to Todds request here.

    we are looking to be able to txt/sms a lead/person thru COPPER.

    is there an integration that will allow us to do this?

    please advise.

  • hi - any updates on this from the COPPER support team

    #copper #support

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