Can tasks be presented in the reports by user field?

I have a series of email, phone call, meetings, etc. in my task list.  I would like those to show up in the reports section, where you can evaluate activity by user.  Is that possible.?



  • Hi Terry,


    Thanks for the message!  I'm happy to help you.

    Our In-App report for Activity by User allows you to break down everyone inside your account and see the types of activities they are doing against the workflow that has been created inside of Copper.

    To find it just flow this flow:

    1. Go to the left-hand side of your Copper account and click Reports
    2. Select Activity by User 

    From there, you can review all activity by users and Filter the parameters of the reports by selecting the options above the data or clicking the upside down triangle to set more filter options.

    Let me know if you have trouble or have any more questions!



    Brett Ponton

    Customer Education at Copper

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