Automating Custom Report Builder (CRB) exports


The CRB tool that integrates with Google Sheets has worked well for various customized reporting and tasks. It is also a pain that only the person who can update the CRB data is the person who created the data. I've researched, but have not been able to identify the following.  Does anyone know of a way to:

* Allow other people to update the data exports


* Automate the import process using GoogleScripts or a cron job or something?





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    Hi Chad,

    The CRB tool uses the User A's Google credentials to authenticate. Only User A can refresh that imported sheet.

    However, another user can overwrite the sheet with their own import. Formulas on other sheets will still work with the overwritten import sheet. It will provide the same information, provided that they:

    • Have the same record visibility and permissions as the original user
    • Use the same filter (both filter name and criteria)

    There is currently not a script available to automate the refresh. Adding a script to have it run on a schedule is a high priority request to our Product Team. Thank you for your patience.

    Best Regards,


  • Any news on adding the possibility of automating the refresh?

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