Notify salespeople after making an update to the API?

I'm wondering what the best practice is for notifying my salespeople.

Some examples:

1. A customer clicks on a link to open up an order page.

2. A customer sends an email to our support team and they respond in our ticketing system.

3. A customer downloads our app

I see on the notification panel that users can select when they want to receive notifications.

It seems pretty clear that if we create a task for someone, they'll get notified--if that's how their settings are configured, but what about other tasks?

If we create an activity for an opportunity (like a note) will the salesperson be notified?

Is it possible to @mention people through the API?

It would be great to add a note that says, "@Brandon Acme company signed their contract!" and then Brandon would receive a notification.

What's the best way to do this? Thanks!



  • It is unofficial, but yes you can @ mention people through the API.

    Format is:

    @⸨10:[user id]:[user name]⸩


    curl -H "Content-Type: application/json" -X POST \
    --header "X-PW-AccessToken:TOKEN" \
    --header "X-PW-Application: developer_api" \
    --header "X-PW-UserEmail:EMAIL" \ \
    -d '{"type":{"category":"user","id":0},"parent":{"type":"opportunity","id":2439293},"details":"@⸨10:133295:Bob Villa⸩ This is example text.","user_id":133295}'

  • Thanks Rachel, I'll try it out!

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