Disable fields on condition

Hi Everyone...

Just asking... is possible to disable fields when certain condition is given.





  • Hi there,


    Are you asking if certain custom fields can be disabled? Under what conditions and why do you need this?



  • @Rachel - my guess is they are referring to disabled fields based upon other data. An idea that we have requested for a while now and would love to see. Rather than "disabled" fields, hiding/showing fields would be incredible.

    For example, contact type = Current Customer shows all fields but disables (hides) these x fields.

    There are so many unnecessary custom fields for clients depending on the type of customer and other criteria, it would be so powerful to hide fields depending on specific entity data-points.


    Original Feature Request (Conditional custom fields):


  • Hi!!

    Thanks for your answer...

    Yeah, basically what i'm looking for is a way to disable all the fields once the opportunity has an advance state.

    Appreciate your comments 



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