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Hi Everyone...

Just asking... is possible to disable fields when certain condition is given.





  • Hi there,


    Are you asking if certain custom fields can be disabled? Under what conditions and why do you need this?



  • @Rachel - my guess is they are referring to disabled fields based upon other data. An idea that we have requested for a while now and would love to see. Rather than "disabled" fields, hiding/showing fields would be incredible.

    For example, contact type = Current Customer shows all fields but disables (hides) these x fields.

    There are so many unnecessary custom fields for clients depending on the type of customer and other criteria, it would be so powerful to hide fields depending on specific entity data-points.


    Original Feature Request (Conditional custom fields):


  • Hi!!

    Thanks for your answer...

    Yeah, basically what i'm looking for is a way to disable all the fields once the opportunity has an advance state.

    Appreciate your comments 



  • This is what I'm after also. We have different types of people in Copper. Some are existing customers, some are just industry leaders or influencers we network with. For our existing customers, we need a customer profile, all the details about that customers business. Example, I need to know the price discount level, which is completely irrelevant for non-customers. I would like to toggle that fields visibility based on what "type" of people I am entering. 

    We are currently keeping a google doc for each customer as a profile, with details like what products they purchase, how they sample our products, meeting notes, freight policies... 



  • @Rachel

    "What problem you are trying to solve?"
    To be able to hide fields on an entity (eg Lead, Person etc) based on the contents of one or more fields in an entity record.

    Leads and People are often used to describe different kinds of Leads and different kinds of people. Because of this, some fields (especially custom fields) will be relevant only to certain Lead Types or People types.

    For example;
    We recognise several kinds of Leads;

    Some fields are only relevant to Customers, others are only relevant to Associates.

    We want to be able to hide fields which aren't relevant based on the type of Lead being viewed.

    It's a common feature in some CRMs.

    "Why it is a problem?"
    The screen gets very cluttered with fields which aren't relevant when either entering data or viewing data.

    It makes the end user experience confusing when presented with fields which aren't relevant.

    "What would the ideal solution look like?"
    1. For each Entity type (Lead, Person, Opportunity etc) to be able to hide whole Sections (Coppers new field customisation feature) based on the contents of one or more named fields in the entity using AND/OR logic
    2. For each Entity type (Lead, Person, Opportunity etc) to be able to hide individual fields based on the contents of one or more named fields in the entity using AND/OR logic

    "How big is the problem?"
    It's really very confusing for end users at the moment when they are presented with fields on an entity (eg Lead) when those fields don't belong to that specific entity instance. If a user see's a field, they expect to have to fill it in, wasting time and effort or simply causing confusion and undermining their confidence and trust in our Copper CRM.

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