• (All of the "foreign keys"--e.g custom field IDs, primary_contact_id, etc.--in my request seem to exist, so I'm a bit at a loss as to what could be going on here.)

  • I think I have the same issue when trying to create an opportunity using zapier from googlesheets it throws the following error....

    We had trouble sending your test through.
    Unexpected error with status code 422.
    Any thoughts?
  • For us, it seemed to be that the pipeline stage we were providing no longer exists. However, still trying to work out with the Copper support what happened to that pipeline stage and how we can restore it.

  • Robert, this ever get sorted out?

  • YMMV, but for me the issue was around dropdown custom values: you have to pass the *id* of the selected option, not the name, in `custom_fields`. e.g. if your dropdown has this option:

        "id": 1234,
        "name": "Other",
        "rank": 2

    then you need to pass this:

    "custom_fields": [
            "custom_field_definition_id": ....,
            "value": 12345

  • Trying to bring in data from a google form to google sheet to zapier then copper...keep getting this error 422 ...can anyone help?

  • With a 422 you are most likely referencing an entity such as a pipeline that has been deleted or your JSON is malformed.

    You will also get a 422 when trying to create things like a Person that already exists. Narrow it down.

    Copper needs some way to look up these ids for admins via the UI. Right now I have to make a REST request to look these up. Thank god for postman but it doesn't help non-devs.

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