How to post a feature request

No one knows Copper better than YOU - our users.

The Community is designed to allow you, our user community, to share your feature request with our product team.  You can suggest and vote on new feature requests. If you are passionate about your feature, then be sure to submit or vote for it!  The popularity of a request is measured through votes and comments - your input helps us understand which submissions are important to you, and which ones you want our Product Team to consider.


Search First:

We see hundreds of posts a month so the chances are good that your request might already be posed to the community!! To make the most impact search before you post a new request.  To keep the board organized we will combine requests.

Your Vote Counts:

Found the feature request in your search? Click the “UP arrow “ to log your vote.  Feeling really a comment. and use the comment section to share your detailed use case.

Details Matter:

Can’t find the request, click on the “new post” button to add your request.  We want to know all the details. Try to describe the nature and scope of a problem we can offer more solutions.  

Tell us (copy and paste these):

  • What problem you are trying to solve? (is it in Contacts, Opportunities, Projects, Chrome Extension, Mobile, etc)
  • Why it is a problem?
  • What would the ideal solution look like?
  • How big is the problem?  (business impact, the frequency of the issue and who is impacted?)

TIP:  List only one feature per submission and post your request in the Questions & Answer section and encourage others to vote by sharing a link.


Votes are not the only deciding factor in prioritizing a feature.  Our Product Managers can and do work on all sorts of requests including those with lots or just a few votes - so don’t hold back post all your requests.

Each request in the Community will have a status box. Below is the definition for each of the status available:

- None: The feature is being considered for a future release, however, a release date has not been set and no development work has started. The submission will be reviewed during each planning cycle.

- Planned: The feature is on our Road Map but a release date has not been set. The status will be updated when the feature is ready for delivery.

- In Beta Testing: The feature is currently under development and available for testing as a Pilot/Beta feature. The status will be updated once the feature is generally available and/or the Pilot/Beta is complete. Pilot/Beta participation is subject to approval and may only be available at select subscription plans:

-  Released: The feature is now generally available. No further updates will be made to the status and voting will be disabled.

- Not Planned: The feature has been reviewed by our Product Team and currently is not on the Road Map.  We continual review customer suggestions and if the status changes we will update the post.

Please Note: Feature and product plans are always subject to change and customers should make their purchase decisions on features that are already available.

Collaboration is welcome and we love the energy that is created when our users work together.  But, we want to ensure we keep the environment welcoming so we have a few guidelines:

  • No obscene, indecent, hateful, offensive, defamatory, abusive, harassing or profane material
  • No spam, advertisements or otherwise inappropriate comments or posts
  • No personal attacks. Comments can be engaging but courteous and respectful.


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