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Up untill a few weeks back, there was no notification from Copper when you (the sender) opened the email sent to someone. But now, if an email is opened by the sender, it counts as a view (+ notification). 

Can this notification be avoided?




  • Official comment

    As email continues to evolve, the effectiveness of tracking has been unpredictable. We are looking into different solutions to properly find a resolution but at this time there are no short term fixes that we can make to improve the current performance. Please be patient with us as we find a way to provide the best email experience for you.

  • I'll add my voice to this. False positives by me going back to review or copy paste from an old email are making this feature fairly useless.

  • I have commented elsewhere: as @Rishabh and @Jason have pointed out, Copper generates false positives every time I open a previously sent/tracked email in gmail. This has the effect of completely eliminating the value of email tracking in the context of an email prospecting cadence, for one. Additionally, I have found that if I, or anyone in my organization selects the *link* to an email in Copper, it too will generate a notification. This needs to be addressed if Copper wants email notification to be a feature.

  • I totally agree with the other comments. I started using the new gmail feature to snooze emails so that they will pop back up in my inbox at a specific time. I use this to keep tabs on certain people if I don't hear from them. I just had a message I sent to a lead pop back up. I opened it up to send another reminder, but before sending I wanted to see if he had read it. I saw that it had one time. Then I checked to time stamp of it and saw that it was from me a few seconds before when I opened the email back up. With this type of behavior the tracking becomes completely useless and unreliable.

    I will add that the email tracking is one of the selling points for me using copper.

  • Garrett,


    I know this is not a perfect work around, but I added Chrome extension (which works in the Brave browser I use) called Trocker (tracker blocker). It blocks trackers in my web browser which means the email tracker set by Copper does not work when I re-open an email. I hope that helps.



  • Agreed! False positives suck.

  • ya this needs to get fixed!!

  • Is there an update on when this will be fixed?

  • I'm presuming what you are talking about is - when you - the user - open an email, even if from the past - all of a sudden you get a 'viewed' notification in the upper right of Gmail.  if this is what you're talking about - then - yes - please Copper - how to do stop this - if for anything - it's exceptionally annoying and blocks part of my browser, but none of us need to know when we open an email so this aspect of it is useless and annoying.


  • Hey Everyone,

    There is a product initiative to review the tracking notification feature. Please note that we do not have have a timeline for this.

    We are using the most reliable method for email tracking: tracking pixel. We insert an invisible image into tracked emails, and once the email is opened, it sends a request to our servers to load the image so that we know the email is being opened. 

    Although this is the most reliable way, there are several problems with this:

    • We sometimes report false positives because we only filter views by IP address. For example, when a user sends an email to be tracked, we keep the IP address of the user and whenever the same email is opened from the same IP address, we filter out that view. But, if the sender views the email from their mobile phone (or another device) which has a different IP address, there is currently no way we can know if the email was viewed by the sender, so we count it as a view. This ends up reporting views that are not actual recipient views.

    • Some browsers or email clients might block images. If our tracking pixel is blocked, there is no way we can identify if an email is opened.

    • Gmail has different logic for loading images. It opens all images using its proxy server before the user actually opens the email. This may result in a false positive open count.

    • Some email clients (like Gmail mobile app) will load emails next to an email that is being viewed. This may cause us to register the pixel load as a view even if the recipient hasn’t viewed the email yet.

    • Some email clients or local email servers will save emails with all of the content as soon as they receive them. This may again cause us to register a false positive since the tracking pixel will also be loaded prior to the recipient’s actual view.

    • Some email clients (like older versions of Microsoft Outlook) would load the entire email when the user marks the email as read but not actually opened, which may again cause a false positive read count.

    • There are also tools/browser extensions that block tracking pixels deliberately by the choice of the recipient. (ex. Clearbit or other Email Tracking Extensions)

  • none of my emails are being tracked, though im using chrome, and using gmail as a webpage and not an app. i use the copper extension and use the copper sidebar to click email for each company, yet still it does not work. i was provided the response of false positives, but i have no positives at all so that response does not apply. please help. thanks.


  • The false positives have become an worse issue for me then they were in the past. Happens almost 100% of the time i open an email i sent in gmail

    If you are looking at updating notifications for 2020, please allow those to come through on Mobile. Also an activity view that shows a reverse chronological list of opened emails would be great

    The "My tracked emails" view is pretty worthless. It shows in order of sent. But what if a client i emailed 3 weeks ago opens an email today and Im not at my computer to see the notification? I have no way of knowing. Hub Spots activity feed does this perfectly

  • To be honest, Copper Email Tracking is useless.

  • Same issue as above, the falls positives showing a person opened the email (even showing that it was this contacts email opening), while it was myself looking at the sent email for the info, is making it seem many emails are viewed while they might not (fairly unlikely that all my contacts are looking at the email exactly when I am) 

  • Two feature requests:

    1) It would be useful if Copper would create an "owned IP address" log where we could attach our identity to all of the ip addresses we own and therefore reduce the false positives. 

    2) Additionally, it would be useful to create a log of all IP addresses used to access the emails we send.  This IP address which would be one to many mapped to the user could be used in other marketing and web tools to track and respond more intelligently.

  • A client also requested the ability to see specific contact who viewed the email in email tracking.

  • I have to say I'm pretty disappointed in the email tracking feature for Copper. 


    It doesn't notify you on the mobile app whether someone opened your email or not. 

    the False positive is a HUGE issue. You say that it's because of sending on desktop and opening on mobile but when I send an email through chrome on desktop and I opened the sent mail, it's already opened. 

    Check out Cloze CRM. Their email tracking is amazing. You can even send tracked emails on MOBILE in their app. And it tells you the location of where they opened it too. AND NO FALSE POSITIVES. 

    I switched from Cloze to Copper because I thought the gmail integration was nice but this tracking feature is really poor. 


    Please study Cloze CRM and learn how they are doing tracking correctly and incorporate it. 


    At the very least, add a feature in the mobile app in the dashboard for "My Tracked Emails" and have notifications for when emails get opened. 

  • The false positives are really disappointing. 

    Feature request: exclude our own IP and/or MAC addresses so we don't accidentally trigger a false positive

  • I've been using email tracking for years, starting with a custom Linux emailer in 1998, then the predecessor of Hubspot Sales and a couple of years with Yesware before moving to ProsperWorks/Copper. Copper promises CRM + email tracking tightly integrated with GSuite, a promise which it mostly delivers. The deliverability of bulk emails sent by Copper directly from your own domain on GSuite is much higher than any bulk mail method (MailChimp/ActiveCampaign/etc.) as long as the quantity limits aren't a problem (the quantity limits are imposed by Google not Copper). 

    However, the lack of imagination that Copper has demonstrated around the email tracking feature is disappointing. 

    • Copper has all the data to present me with a campaign dash panel. My campaign may only have 200 or 1000 recipients, but I am just as interested in my opens, clicks, etc. as someone sending to 200,000 recipients. Here's the spec: If you're not that ambitious, just give me stats on Delivered, Opened, Clicked by campaign.
    • I also want to click on the Opened & Clicked stats to see those names. Copper has this data.
    • In an ideal world I would like to compare results between campaigns, but this might not have any meaning with the small campaigns possible in Copper. So this is a "Nice to Have" not a "Must Have"
    • Sorry, in this day and age, the silly false positives that Copper pops up when I scroll through my own sent mail box are simply unacceptable. Total fail. Someone needs to go back to coding school for that one. Look at all the other posts on this thread for more information.

    Note to Loren Ostler: With respect, your list of reasons why email tracking fails is a great spec for a talented programmer. Please do not try to tell us that the technology does not exist to identify your customer's mobile IP address as the sender and not the recipient. Is authentication/identity not the very purpose of login? Although you may never solve all seven of the issues you identified, talented programmers could make progress on most in a matter of weeks. Then I would quit getting false positives when I scroll through my Sent email box (which is pathetic when you think about it.) And I'm not even on mobile-I'm on the same laptop that sent the email in the first place.

    Looking forward to a post from Copper along the lines of "Here's our roadmap for improved email tracking" instead of "We have so little imagination, all we know how to do is insert a tracking pixel like everyone started doing in the late 1990's."

  • Ultra kudos to David Millman.

  • When I first started using Copper (Prosperworks) in 2017, the email tracker didn't count my reopen as an open, (wasn't getting false positives.) I believe the problem started in late 2018. Since then I've been reporting it ocassionaly to get an update and the response has always been that "there is a bug in the system and we are working on it."

    This post has been going on for over a year now and you still haven't solved the problem. You continue to push out other add-ons but don't address one of the major selling points of Copper. And by the way, your platform isn't cheap.

    I just downloaded the free Gmail Tracker from CloudHQ. Maybe you should see if you can use their tech.

  • Adding my vote to the narrative.  Looking forward to seeing the results of a product initiative to review the tracking notification feature in 2020.

  • Same here, we just need to add our IP address to a list to have it not counted.... definitely would make this feature FAR more robust, as right now every time I check back on an email it adds a view, from any of the workstations in the building... please add this feature!

  • I have issue with every few minutes 'viewed by null' is registered.  So I have to scroll thru 100+ of these to see if my receiver actually opened it.


  • Somehow this feature is getting more broken, which although it sounds unlikely, is true. Observe: 


    That screenshot shows a message that was written 44 minutes ago, while Copper reports it was viewed a week ago. This may sound like hyperbole, but it's not: the feature that caused many of us to purchase Prosperworks is getting worse each year. Now Copper reports views from before the message was written.

    Questions for Copper: Are you able to replicate the bugs reported by me and others on this thread? Do you need our help replicating or diagnosing the issue? What is your plan? Why silence on this issue?

    Thank you.

  • Wow Copper, what Dave is reporting is not a feature, it's a massive bug.

  • I gave up on Copper due to this issue. I was only 2 months in and I tried to get a refund because I wasn't happy how 2 months into Copper I already came up with an issue like this that wasn't fixed.

    I tried to ask for a refund but since I only used it for 2 months but paid for a full year but was refused. So I give up on Copper and am switching over to Hubspot! 

    Hubspot's email tracking is FANTASTIC! It's like a dream come true - their app can even notify you too. Hubspot's tracking feature is LIGHT YEARS AHEAD of Copper. 


  • I didn't think it could get worse. But Copper isn't contacting us back, and today while scrolling through the un-sortable and un-searchable list of sent emails, the server delivered up an error. Copper, are you listening? Broken on your side. Any interest in helping? The users on this list will help, start with me. Soon. Please. 


  • Hi everyone,

    Thank you for your feedback!

    Please note that although we are aware of this email tracking issue and want to change it for the better, we do not yet have a timeline. As for "server error" issues you may be seeing, please do reach out to us. These are two distinct issues and we are more than happy to help troubleshoot the "server error" ones.

    Thank you.



  • I opened a ticket recently: Email tracking broken and getting worse - [#143504]

    Oscar, with respect, your post raises a troubling issue. If you reread this thread, you will note the evidence reported by your customers that the feature is not merely broken, but actually getting worse. We are reporting more false positives, more server errors, more "viewed by null" nonsense. This implies that your developers are actively damaging a critical feature that we depend on. This in turn implies an out-of-control development process devoid of regression testing or adult oversight. Sorry for the disparaging comments, but the evidence is undeniable.

    When we purchased ProsperWorks/Copper, email tracking was a primary reason. Indeed, nearly 3 years later Copper still promotes this capability:


    You state that you "do not yet have a timeline" to fix this amateurish implementation of an important feature claimed three years ago and still claimed today. If you read your response about this issue from the perspective of a paying customer, and observe the deteriorating state of your production codebase, what conclusion would you draw? 

    Oscar, again with respect, this is bad. You might want to get a senior executive involved. We anxiously await a carefully considered response.

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