"not_found" error while creating activities

I am using a python script that sends out curl requests to the API -- I am able to add leads but when I try to add activities i get the response "{"error":"not_found"}". 

In the post fields I am sending details, acitivty_date, type and parent. Activity type and parent fields both exist so I am not sure what the "not_found" is pointing at? there is no other details available.




  • Hey there,

    I checked our logs. It looks like you might be using {{}}, when we only need one {}. Can you double check your script? It is possible the leads are not getting created.

    What we saw in the logs:





  • Hi Rachel, what you mentioned is a separate request and that has been fixed after trying a few options already. What I am struggling with are requests to:


    I do not get a curl error in this case (that i was getting with the leads/{{39213391}} request that you saw in the logs). With activities I am getting {"error":"not_found"} as a response.

  • Can you write into support here?

  • Colin/Rachel the brackets are stache-style chars used in the documentation to imply variability. You SHOULD NOT use the staches in the URL. That should fix it.

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