Color Coding


We love to have the ability to color code our sales pipeline in Opportunities.  This would be easier for upper management to follow sales progress/regression without filtering.



  • Maria, I agree.....  color coding the fields would also be incredibly helpful. 

    There's no customization options to the color scheme... that's REALLY DISAPPOINTING.

    I'm going blind trying to read gray on gray on shades of black or gray.....  especially in the FIELDS.

    The headings for the fields are almost the same color as the content... I waste a lot of time looking and scrolling through information because there's almost no contrast, not to mention the strain on my sight. 

    Hopefully COPPER takes this feedback seriously.  


  • 100% agree. The pipeline tiles should have option to sort by PRIORITY, and assign various colors to priorities (red, orange, yellow, etc). Right now, it's just grey and they all blend together. I want my highest priority opportunities to jump out at me.

  • hi everyone, 

    I have this issue as well. we have 3 salespersons and the pipeline is huge. sifting through whose opp is whose is a task. some times you want the flexibility of checking the pipe line as is without using the filters. 

    plus having everything in black and white makes things monotonous. hope Copper will make something happen soon. 

  • I wanted to request the same feature. 

    Being able to choose a color for an opportunity card would be very helpful.

  • Totally agree, this would be helpful - I was just raising same issue

  • Agree here as well. But I would like to see color coding not only for opportunities but whole dashboard. Adjusting the major colors should be easily doable and would add so much value. E.g. exchanging the white / pink style with corporate colors.

  • Very very strong agree. Colour-coding is incredibly helpful and an option to customize card colour based on the stage of the pipeline would help tremendously and cut down a lot of time wasted in searching for things!

  • Would very much like this as well!

  • Fully agree, would love to see colour-coding added to Copper. Also, the option to resize font for people who don't necessarily have the best vision.

  • Yes, this would be helpful


  • We're on a trial and having the same problem. Color coding would make things so much easier to read. Is there any update on this feature? 

  • Really wish this was an option. We're liking Copper, but this is one of the simple things that would make it so much better.  Any updates on if and how this might be implemented?

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