Has anyone built simple Embedded Apps?

I'm looking to have a simple embedded app created that I can add to the sidebar. Development is over my head, but I have a clear idea of what needs to happen behind the scenes. 

I essentially just need a Multi-select field in the sidebar for Leads and People.

Using a native Multi Select field is too volatile because if one user makes a change while a second user has the same record open, the second user's save can overwrite the first user's selections in the Multi Select field.

It'd also need to communicate to a webhook when it commits the selection.

If anyone has a dev they've used and recommend, it would be appreciated. Thank you!




  • Hello Cameron,  

         We are a copper partner who has built simple embedded apps, and might be able to help you with his.  You can reach us at info@interlockit.com or visit interlockit.com.



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