Add Instagram to Social Media Options


Our "People" records would benefit greatly from having an option for "Instagram" rather than having to use "Other" since we work with Instagram regularly and would like the label to be more precise



  • Yes, Instagram would be nice. That would also be a great opportunity to remove the Google+ field ;-)

  • I like this as well.  It would be easier to justify adding my social media manager as a Copper user if these options were updated a bit.  And offering some training to her on how to maximize the benefits of Copper and I'd sign her up as a user in a heartbeat.

  • Same request. As a new user to Copper, I would greatly appreciate Google+ to be replaced by Instagram.

  • +1


    I'm surprised it hasn't been done already, especially since Google+ is dead...

  • Same as above. If more marketing options are fine tuned, I can add my entire marketing team.

  • +1 please. Or could us customers receive an explanation why this isn't a good idea or why it'll take a while to develop?

  • Would really appreciate the adding of IG, we are pushing hard with IG and are creating a lot of leads from the platform and would really like this included. Is there a reason why it's not included all the other Social Media Accounts are listed and some that don't have the number of users. I was told there is a workaround but this doesn't make too much sense. Please advise?

  • You absolutely need a customizable social media list - You have a dead offering with Google+ and you are missing some of the world's biggest ad platforms with IG, Pinterest, TikTok. Just make the list user-controlled so when new channels come to life, we can add them appropriately. Frustrating miss in the product.


  • Really, how hard is it do this?!

    I feel like they don't prioritize customer needs.

    What have they done recently?! It took them god knows how long to add the email attachment feature. :-/

  • Wow! Can't believe this was posted one year ago and Copper hasn't responded -  they could easily and quickly implement this by swapping out Google Plus field for Instagram!


  • Really surprised that this hasn't been implemented already. We're not talking about a full feature add, this is a simple change to a line of text.

    Any update Copper team?

  • Copper Team, quick update - it is nearly 2021. Please make Social Media fields customisable or at a minimum add 'Instagram' and delete 'Google Plus.

  • Not getting any response from the team in 2 years?  I'm just on a trial here and going cold rapidly.

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