Use custom fields in template merge fields


Custom fields do not currently appear as options when using merge fields in templates. Please make custom fields available in template merge fields.



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    Hey everyone,

    I wanted to make a quick update regarding this feature. We are currently upgrading our email features. We are working on email attachments in templates and bulk email personalization first and this will come right after we release those two. Thank you all for your patience and we will get to this in Q2.



  • I've been waiting for this feature for quite some time and it would make my life a bigillion times easier.  We send event specific details to every job we do and being able to have the merge fields there to act as a confirmation of services would be divine.  


    Thank you!!!!!!

  • Wow, this isn't available? 

  • I agree this is a needed feature. We have many customer fields (invoice number, shipping date, shipping link etct) that arent technically mail merge fields. If we could have a generic placeholder for email templates as a spot just to make filling in email details easier - this would be huge and should be easy to accomplish

  • Adding some additional information to this ticket.

    • What problem you are trying to solve? (is it in Contacts, Opportunities, Projects, Chrome Extension, Mobile, etc)

    Being able to use custom fields as merge fields in templates

    • Why it is a problem?

    Because we need to send very personalised information to large numbers of people using data we capture elsewhere and store on their profile in copper 

    • What would the ideal solution look like?

    Available custom fields would appear in the merge field dropdown of the template composer

    • How big is the problem?  (business impact, the frequency of the issue and who is impacted?)

    Medium- it wastes a lot of time sending individual emails. It introduces unnecessary opportunities for human error. It slows down our outreach. 

  • Our company would also benefit greatly from having custom fields be a part of merge fields in templates. It would also be helpful to pull information related to a Company/Opportunity for a Contact so that we can include those custom fields in emails. As it stands currently, we have to duplicate all of this information in the Contact fields (i.e., renewal date, type of license, account value, etc.) - all of these fields are related to the Opportunity or the Company but we typically send emails by viewing Opportunities. If one of these values changes, we're forced to change it in the Contact, the Opportunity and the Company - which is time consuming. 

    I love Copper now but I would really LOVE Copper if this feature was included. 

  • This is really good.

  • Would be amazing if this could become a priority

  • Could this please become a feature, I'm a little surprised it isn't. 

  • we also need this. thanks

  • Shall we move to HubSpot?


  • this would be very helpful

  • I too really need custom fields for Merge!  I run a tutoring business and it's very important that I can address both the parent and the student by name.  Please update thanks!

  • Hello Copper, any news on this?

  • To add to the above, Copper is highly customisable and one of the main needs of businesses is to customise their customer communications, sometimes on a mass scale. It is certainly one of my businesses needs. We used Insightly which had that functionality but didn't suit our needs as well in other areas. From what I've been told this feature is coming soon to Copper and that is great news.

  • We're looking to add this very soon.  Hopefully over the next few months.  We'd love to get your feedback on which fields to include first so please let us know on this thread.

  • I would like the ability to add in the custom fields I create such as passwords for membership sites or other details that are specific to my businesses relationship with the customer.

  • What do you mean wich fields @Wyndham Hudson? Custom fields.

  • Wyndham Hudson we want to use Custom fields.


  • Thanks for the update Wyndham Hudson. We want dropdown fields first, then text fields.

  • I'm pretty sure Wyndham Hudson meant which "type" of custom field do people want the most urgently, i.e. text field, dropdown, date etc.

  • Thanks - I should have been a bit clearer when I asked which fields!  That is what I meant Uke4Kids

  • Any custom field that we create ought to be available as a merge field, please.

  • Thanks Uke4Kids and Wyndham Hudson! I'd like first text fields and then dropdown.

  • I agree with Uke4Kids that all Custom Fields should be available to mail merge. 

    Who knows what a future requirement might be and so to restrict mail merge to one type over another would be a difficult choice to make.

  • don't forget about the new related fields, those need to be available for mail merge too.

  • Our Copper implementation expert from ITGenius demonstrated to us how he was already able to use custom merge fields in emails to both person record contacts and opportunity record primary contacts. We are able to now use custom fields in person emails but not opportunity emails. He is finding out from Copper why we are having that problem and how to fix it, but it has taken almost 2 weeks and still no word.

    Wyndham (or someone else from Copper), could you please enlighten us on this thread as to what is happening with this? That is, why is it working for some people and not others, and if it's working at all could you please let us know the details?

  • It seems that the availability of what merge fields are available to an email depends on the record type you are launching the email from, ie: a Person, a Lead or an Opportunity.

  • At the moment, Copper does not support custom merge fields in email templates.

    We support the following merge fields natively: 
    Recipients: FirstName LastName FullName Email Phone CompanyName Title Address ContactType Owner

    Senders: Name Email Phone CompanyName Address

    We are looking to add this functionality soon for text fields and dropdowns

    Uke4Kids David Mackey

  • Hello Sefunmi Osinaike - please define "are looking at" and "soon".

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