Prompt to edit certain fields when moving an opportunity between stages


Similar to how a prompt is shown when moving an opportunity to Won, Lost, or Abandoned, it would be helpful if a prompt could also be shown when moving an opportunity between stages. Basically, in the settings we would configure which fields and/or actions we would want on a prompt and for which stages it should appear.

For example, we might want to set a custom field when moving an opportunity to a particular stage, but the value for that field is not always able to be determined (so we can't use Workflow Automation). A prompt could appear showing that custom field when moving the opportunity to the particular stage.

Another example is to have actions that could be enabled/disabled/configured in the prompt, such as "Create task" where some of the task fields could be filled in (when setting up the prompt in the settings) but could be customized for this particular opportunity.

Basically, it's like Workflow Automation, but with a some manual verification and input for when you don't always known or want specific or determinable values.



  • This is needed over anything else suggested here. This would allow for so many improved processes and automations to take place. Have been verbally requesting this for years now to everyone that I have spoken to at Copper.

  • I agree.  This should be a top priority!

  • This is probably our top requested feature as we scale. It ensures that the entire team is following our various processes and that our CRM has the required data in it at every step of the way.

  • AMEN!

  • YES!

  • Any updates/estimated timeline of when this feature will be launched? Thank you

  • Yes!

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