Integrate with LinkedIn and Sales Navigator


FYI Above for logging messages to clients back and forth



  • Official comment

    We are looking at implementing a lightweight integration to Linkedin. See the official comment in this post.

  • Yes, it would be great to see Copper evolve to integrate with LinkedIn Sales Navigator such as Salesforce, Hubspot CRM, ZohoCRM, etc. Social selling is becoming more and more critical to those of us charged with acquiring new opportunities for our business. Please give this next step in your growth serious consideration. Thank you!

  • sales navigator integration please!! pulling in the data of lead and company would be game changing for a robust crm like copper! upvote

  • This would be very valuable. 

  • Copper needs to figure this out. Its mind boggling that they haven't already!! Time to make this a priority! 

  • I love Copper but it's ridiculous that this isn't available yet. 

  • One more request for this Copper to LinkedIn connection (beyond the current ability to pull in data with an email address)


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