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Sometimes we end up with leads who contacted us multiple ways or via different emails, so it'd be great to see suggested duplicates to merge based on name, email, or phone.

It would also be helpful if this could cross between Leads and Persons



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    We currently have an alpha running for this on opportunities in Copper which allows you to identify duplicates.  We are looking to open this up more widely once we've added additional objects and round this feature out.  If anyone has any feedback please share with or add a comment here.

  • Agreed. Additionally, when I see duplicates in the search field, it would be nice to be able to merge them from there. It's extremely painful to have to scroll through thousands to contacts to get to the ones you'e looking for to select and merge. 

  • This is a completely necessary feature! 

    Also, I think an even more urgent feature is for Copper to prevent duplicate contacts from being uploaded into the CRM. Constant Contact has such a feature and it prevents so many errors/headaches. 

  • Agreed! 


  • Completely agree! I have some clients with thousands of leads and it's incredibly painful to manually go through them. Maybe I'm spoiled from Google Contacts which handles duplicates like a dream but this is an area where people aren't good at it, but computers are incredible.

  • yes same problem 

  • Big big pain. And a basic feature for any CRM. 

  • massive pain - duplicate records across different record types should have the ability to get merged just as duplicates do within the same record type!!

  • I agree.  This has been a frustrating feature. (or lack of a feature, actually.)

  • Copper, please make this a feature ASAP!

  • And then when you do merge, you have to go back to the top of the list and scroll through the thousands of records AGAIN. This is the thing that takes most of my time when in copper.

  • Hi all, we are currently investigating ways to solve this problem. One of the proposed solutions is to add a 'show duplicates' option in the filter to create a filtered list view showing duplicates. If you have time to chat with me about it, please reach out to me - I'd love to show some initial designs for feedback.


    James McLean // Product Design @ Copper

  • This is a serious problem. I'm doing right now in a manual way via API but I have a risk to make a mistake and lose data in the process

  • Wyndham, we really need it for contacts much more than opportunities. Thanks.

  • would be very helpful

  • Hi Wyndham Hudson, what is the progress with this feature for preventing, finding and easily merging or removing duplicates? I am especially interested in the search have apparent duplicates presented to me for action.

    Regards Peter

  • This would be so helpful! Why isn't this already a thing?

    The way I do it currently is a lengthy process of:

    1: Copy name of lead or contact;

    2: Paste as a tag on each duplicate profile;

    3: Go to Leads or Contacts and filter by tags using the duplicate profile name;

    4: Select all duplicate profiles that share that same name/email (and now the same tag! haha);

    5: Click merge


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