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This is Edna Giraldo from Vectornate company. 


I´m writing to you regarding some issues I have with Copper

1. I sent an email to the leads I had not contacted or hear from them for more than a month. After that, I checked those leads by filtering inactive days, It is not updated, it still show they have been inactive for long time. 

On the other hand If I look into Copper for the last email I sent to them, it does not show me  the last message. It shows messages I have sent more than a month ago not the recent one. 

2. I have been adding some new leads every day, and if I check the opportunities and look at the column LEAd, it just shows I have only 3 leads.  I need it to show all new leads I have been adding.  


I look to hearing from you soon!



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    Hi Edna,

    It sounds like there may be a technical issue going on.  The best channel for any issues with the product is our fantastic Support Team.

    However one guess.  You mentioned you are sending emails to your Leads.  Do you mean the Leads section of Copper?:

    If so, those are different records than your Companies (which you are showing in your first screenshot).  If that's the case, the emails you send to your Leads won't affect the Inactive Days for your Company records.  If that's not the case, go ahead and contact our Support Team and they can see about getting to the bottom of this.

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