Ability to modify the Completed Date on an Opportunity

I'd like the ability to adjust a Completed Date of an Opportunity.  I don't see that as an editable field in Copper, but do use it in Excel as it's found when exporting the Opportunity data.

Example:  I accidentally closed out an Opportunity on 6/1 when it should have been 5/31.  When I run my monthly reports it's not reflecting properly.






  • Interesting, I thought that all that happened when marking an opportunity as "won" (with the checkbox checked) was it changed the close date to today. Because the close date is where all of the reporting is based on.

    Are you positive that it is a separate "Completed Date" and it's not just the close date?


  • There is a close date which you can adjust inside Copper, however, when you export Opportunities into excel there's a Completed Date field which shows when the Opportunity was lost or won.  I'm needing to use both the Close Date and Completed Date for my tracking.  I just don't see where it's possible to manually adjust the Completed Date.  

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