More editing options for the notes section.

It would be nice to be able to edit the font in the "Log Activity" and "Create Note" sections.

For example, changing the color of the font to show importance, changing the font to bold or italic, or perhaps highlighting the font. 

We have noticed some notes get missed because we cannot do these features.

These features would be beneficial to any company using the program.




  • There are some REALLY strange hidden features in the text area. 

    For example, if you put *** *** on either side of a line of text, it will BOLD that text. 


    ***Prospect will be ready to buy in 2020***

    That makes the text bold in the notes section after saving it.


  • Is there a way to have the list of these hidden features?

    Does anyone know how to insert an url (recognized as such) in notes?

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