Merge Duplicates from the Search Feature

There should be the ability to merge duplicate records from the SEARCH feature... It's simply maddening to search on a person, see them listed multiple times in the system and not be able to merge them... I can understand that this would be difficult to do when searching "everything" but when I am searching just "People" or "Companies" then I should be presented with a checkbox I can click and then enable the merge.



  • yes please!  I'm not going to export into google sheets and check for dupes and reimport for one or two people.  And when I'm aware of a dupe, you have to scroll allllll the way to where they fall alphabetically. 

    Either make it so that when you search a name you can check the box in the search box pop-up (as mentioned above) or create a way to jump to a letter when looking at contacts in list view.  For example, jump to S.  Then I can find the two Scott Smiths and merge rather than scroll down through hundreds of contacts till I get to S and can check the two boxes for the dupe Scott Smith.  

    This should be much easier to remedy than this.  Thanks!



  • Agreed.  Or possibly Copper can allow you to scroll based on the actual Alphabets and not manually.

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