Add last_signed_in attribute to User Model

To help with account maintenance I would like to see when Users have last signed in to Copper. It would be great if you could provide a last_signed_in attribute on the User model.



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    Hi, this is great feedback for our API.


    I have just moved your post to Feature Request forum where it can get more visibility and our Product team regularly reviews these requests. If you provide more details on your use case, that would help our product team.

  • Thanks Lun. I manage our Copper account and would like to have better insight into which users are or are not active. We routinely audit our system to find accounts that aren't being used. Reasons are myriad, sometimes accounts are abandoned, sometimes users forgot their logins, and occasionally users simply weren't sure how best to use Copper and they just need some add'l support. A last_signed_in attribute would make finding these users much easier.

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