End linking new communications with closed projects

We do a lot of work with repeat clients, and repeat professionals, on multiple "Opportunities" over many years.  It would be helpful if we could close out linking new communications on a job when it gets closed.  Deleting or un-associating people with jobs has deleted entire chains of relevant material we are trying to keep.

For example, we do a lot of different projects with Tocoi Engineering.  Different owners, different projects, different sites, but a lot of projects that involve Tocoi.  When I finish a job, it would be good to shut down the attachment of new communications to that job.  I have jobs we closed out in 2016 that have new communications unrelated to that job linked to them.  I have to look and see when we closed out a job to know when the "real" job-related communications stopped and when unrelated matters from newer jobs get tossed in.



  • We too do a lot of work with repeat clients. 

    We have multiple projects going on with the same clients and vendors and thus also multiple opportunities with the same contacts.

    With growing size of clients we would like to be able to separate emails from opp to opp.

    So here are my ideas on this
    A) I might* like to be able to start an opportunity project with a clean slate of activities.

    B) On some of our prospective clients/opps we work with our software vendors directly.  Thus they are in copper as well and associated with the same opp. One vendor contact can and sometimes be associated with multiple opps at the same time. And this also happens with our clients (true customer + additional contacts). As you know all emails and activities logged to one person also show up at all opps and projects they are associated with. This makes things messy quickly.

    I'd like to specify which email relates to what opp/project.


    *might because I don't really know if this is the best user experience.


    As far as I can see this feature request is talking about the same issue: https://support.copper.com/hc/en-us/community/posts/360032005673-CHANGE-RELATIONSHIP-DEFAULTS-PEOPLE-OPPORTUNITIES

  • Definitely an interesting idea here, I like it. Being able to "close out" an opportunity of sorts to totally stop the tracking of new emails/conversations sounds like an interesting idea. Part of me feels like it would make sense to be on opportunity marked as "won" but then again, I'm sure that would be annoying to have as well in certain instances. Some type of option at the top near the "sync" option to "disable syncing" or something could be interesting!

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