Mark Activity Types as Important

  • What problem you are trying to solve? (is it in Contacts, Opportunities, Projects, Chrome Extension, Mobile, etc)

I'd like my team to be able to mark specific activity items as important and be able to add an "Important" activity type under "Show Activity Type" to only display "Important" activities under that tab.


This falls under any categories with an activity tab. (Contacts, Opportunities, Tasks, Projects, Companies, etc.)


  • Why it is a problem?

It is difficiult and time-consuming to sort through hundreds of random activities that the system automatically logs, such as non-critical back and forth emails, calendar event notification emails, etc. etc.


  • What would the ideal solution look like?

It would be great to be able to mark critical emails, notes, call logs, important profile information system updates as important to be able to filter out the clutter under the activity tab.


  • How big is the problem?  (business impact, the frequency of the issue and who is impacted?)

The problem is quite critical. It is very time-consuming when you are trying to find critical information about the lead/opportunitiy/person, etc, 




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