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Pull more than 1 year email history for new contacts

When I import a list of contacts with whom I haven't been in touch with for over a year, it only scans the last year to determine if we've ever been in contact.

This is very counterintuitive, as the main reason for Copper is to know who you haven't spoken with in a while and to see past communications. 

Please change this to have ALL past communication with a given email address show up in a new person record.



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    We're not planning on support more than 1 year from when customers sign up.  We do keep everything from 1 year before sign up in Copper after customers sign up.

    At the moment this thread hasn't received enough votes to justify the investment in this area.

  • An absolute must.

  • My reasoning: less than one year of history is very limiting as one of the main purposes of adding new people is to re-engage with them after multiple years of no contact and it’s proving to be hard to know last time people were contacted if it doesn’t show on the CRM. It also limits the ability of copper to auto fill contact details if they can’t retrieve older emails to pull data from.

  • This limitation has always been a bit of an irk for us too. I'm sure there's some technical reasoning for it, e.g. server-load issues and such.

    It's funny because it's better than other CRMs which don't pull in history at all, but I feel like 1 year is short. Even at 2 years, it would make a difference.

  • I agree.  More history (e.g. 2 years+) would be much appriciated.  Many of the current  opportunities  in our group has take longer than 1 year to close.  It would be great to have more history captured.  (Especially when we are migrating from an old CRM to copper. 

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