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I currently have an old pipeline that we no longer use as the default pipeline. It would take quite a bit of time and effort to redo the default pipeline and shift all of the current open opportunities we have in a different sales pipeline over to the correct stage in the default one. 


I would really appreciate having the option to choose which pipeline is the default one, so I can delete the old one that is no longer used. 


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    To solve the problem of moving opportunities from a new pipeline to the default pipeline, it's possible to do this today by viewing a list view of the opportunities, selecting the opportunities you want to move and choosing 'edit details' (pencil icon). This will perform a bulk edit where you can select a new pipeline, stage and status. 

    We are also investigating the ability to reorder pipelines, so you won't need to take the steps above.  

  • Totally agree here. You should be able to set default Pipeline and reorganize the pipelines that you have.

    Not being able to rearrange pipelines has been driving us and all our clients absolutely nuts for years now. We just keep hoping and praying that it will change.

  • AGREED! Please make this possible!

  • AGREE on all of the above. Would be extremely helpful to be able to update. 

  • Just discovered this thread after spending all day creating my newly automated pipeline... very frustrating. Please change

  • Also please - there should be a possibility to "archive" old pipelines...- sometimes you want to use an old pip-line for reference- so "deleting" it is not always the best way forward...

  • Please make this possible! Very frustrating to adjust as your business develops

  • Agreed on the above! My organization works with schools and districts, and our Sales cycle is on a school year basis, so we have pipelines from last year that we'd love to be able to archive to indicate that we are no longer actively working on them, but not lose the opportunities that were associated with them so that we can still have historical context on opportunities that were initiated with us.

  • Completely agree with this. It's not about duplicating opportunities @James McLean it's about changing the status of the default pipeline.

  • The ability to re-order pipelines would be a big help so the active ones are at the top. Is there any official update on this feature?

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