[RESELLER] Add Google Drive File/Folder Linking (Relating) to Copper API

If I lookup a folder via the Google Drive API, I should then be able to link said folder/file to Copper via the Copper API.

Itwould be a simple request, POST (relate) Drive File/Folder ID to Copper Entity Record.



  • Thank you for your feature request. We appreciate feedback from our longstanding partnership with reseller's like you.

  • Of course! Glad to see you around the forums 🙂

    This is an area that every single one of our non-technical clients have been completely baffled by. Our temporary workaround has been creating a "Drive Folder URL" custom field in the opportunity record.

    We always get pushback from our clients on that solution though, they can't feasibly understand why we can't just have it related in the "Files" area. It's one of those kludgy solutions that brings up confusion, and yet from an API perspective, I feel like it would be a fairly simply Webhook request to make.

    It already internally exists, in order for someone to manually link a record from a Copper entity, curious if it can just be opened up to work via the dev API?

    Thanks Kevin 👍

  • I'm also a developer with a Copper partner (InterlockIT) and we have encountered several cases where the lack of this functionality has proven difficult to handle with clients.

    This would be a very useful add on the automation side, we have several cases where we are dynamically generating documents or sheets on Drive based on actions in copper and being unable to link them back to the record properly is a blocking point. 

    We have also encountered challenges with this when moving new clients into Copper who already have all their client related files on Google Drive.





  • I appreciate you chiming in on this as well Cameron!

    Would love to connect outside of the community here to talk about some of this stuff if you're up for it - always excited to meet other Copper partners!

    I'll shoot an email over to info@ your company and ask to be connected with you.



  • +1 this will be very useful!

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