Date fields help text - change to mm/dd/yyyy

What problem you are trying to solve? (is it in Contacts, Opportunities, Projects, Chrome Extension, Mobile, etc)
For customized date fields, the help text currently displays today's date, e.g. "09/29/2019", in light grey font. We had a hilarious situation today where we have a date field for Birthdays and a colleague thought someone had a birthday today :D. 

Why it is a problem?
In a fast-paced environment colleagues might think that the help text showing today's date is the actual date inputted into the field. 

What would the ideal solution look like?
Use "mm/dd/yyyy" instead to eliminate any chance of confusion :). 

How big is the problem? (business impact, the frequency of the issue and who is impacted?)
Totally minor, just a cosmetic suggestion. 



  • Agreed! Also, would be super nifty to allow for the option to just show month/day (ability to create a custom field date type with mm/dd so that we can track things like birthdays, when 95% of the time we don't know the year, nor is the year even relevant.

  • I agree with this Alex.  I am using this for a real estate brokerage and I need the ability to filter with mm/dd.  We use Birthdays, Wedding Anniversary, Home Purchase Anniversary, Work Anniversary and we cant filter a list of birthdays in the next month because it wants to calculate the year. 

    I would love to see this feature be added soon! 

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