Sorting Opportunities

You should be able to sort opportunities by location.  Definitely by state or even better city and state.


You can "filter" them by city and state, but you can't sort them.  And this info is also not in the Opportunity Card Fields.  :-(

I am sure I am not alone in that I have many open opportunities across the country, and it would make it so much easier to be able to "Sort" them by geographic location to get a birds-eye view of where  your current open opportunities are. 

Currently, your only choice is to use Filters and keep going in and out to change the filter to see just those opportunities. 

If you added the city and state to the card fields, you can then "sort" them to see how many open opportunities are in each geographic location all in 1 screen.


This doesn't seem like a heavy lift for programming to achieve



  • Would it help to be able to create and save a custom filter for each region you want to look at? That way you can star the filter to make it the default view. 

    Personally I'd just like the ability to change the default custom sort from Value to Close Date. 

  • The filter approach when working (currently it is does not with opportunities) is an option and useful, but it doesn't let you organize all opportunities by location in one list.  That gives you a "birds eye" view of where your opportunities are.  


    All other CRM programs seem to offer this, except copper.



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