Log Zendesk Transcripts to An activity

  • What problem you are trying to solve? (is it in Contacts, Opportunities, Projects, Chrome Extension, Mobile, etc)
    Unable to access chat transcripts from zendesk and save them to activities of users or create any object with this data

  • Why it is a problem?
    Theres no way to access chat transcripts from zendesk even though it says its integrated its only a little integrated. 

  • What would the ideal solution look like?
    The ability to log the chat transcript from zendesk to copper to an activity if the person exists or create a new lead if the person does not exist by looking up the email they give 
  • How big is the problem?  (business impact, the frequency of the issue and who is impacted?)
    Its a pretty big issue leading to no way to access chat transcripts and know about previous conversations with clients



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