Allow duration for Tasks and Cooper Reminders (Create Tasks on your Google Calendar)

Rather than just have a "Cooper Reminder" on my Google Calendar, I'd love to have the ability to set the duration of the Task, and then when I schedule it, have Cooper Reminders create an Appointment in my google Calendar that is the duration of the task. There are other tools that do this (my favorite is SkedPal for Auto-scheduling of tasks whilst avoiding meeting conflicts). This would be a great way to guarantee Cooper work gets scheduled and completed. This could be implemented as a Toggle On/Off feature (not everyone will want Tasks to have a Duration). You can see, below, how useful this becomes, if, for example, you have a Cooper Task that is something like Complete Final Proposal (this could take several hours. and needs to get done; currently Cooper Reminders will show it as a 5 min appointment and the rest of the day will show as free). Note how SkedPal's Calendar does this, but Cooper Reminders (currently) does not:




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