Opportunity Card Customization (with custom Opportunity Fields)

  • I'm trying to solve the problem of including one of my custom opportunity fields as a custom field in the Opportunity Card (having it be a choice in one of the 4 drop downs)
  • I can't see the custom opportunity field in a card, only in list view
  • Ideally, my custom opportunity field would be one of my choices in the drop down for each of the 4
  • Seems like an easy fix!?


  • Would also love to see last contact date as a field on the opportunity card.

  • Agreed! I would like to be able to select "Inactive Days" as a field to view on the cards. 

  • I would like to be able to select Last Contacted or Inactive Days as a field to view on the cards. 

  • Agreed, an expansion in the number of fields that can be selected in card view would be super helpful. More system and custom fields.

  • Agree. Last Contacted or Last Activity Date would be great to have.

  • Ditto these comments. Would be great to add custom fields to the opportunity card. 

  • Yes, we would also like this feature. As a developer I can see it would require an extra request but it seems relatively easy to implement overall. Looking forward to having this feature. Thanks.

  • Need to have this feature in order to run an Accounts Receivable report and an Accounts Payable report.

  • Would love to see this as well!

  • Agree with the above! Seeing a custom field on the Opportunity Card would greatly help our team

  • agreed, and would like to have ability to manage the view/search within the team... 

  • Has there been any development to the 'last contacted' card fields? This would be a really handy field

  • yes this would be huge and I would like to request the feature


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