How to enter Company with multiple locations?

Example, HGA Architects have about 20 offices across the USA. There is no headquarters. Each of my national sales people interact with different offices. Can I add multiple addresses in a single Company? 



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    Hi Robert,

    It would be a best practice to maintain the integrity of your contacts and the branches they're related to. In this case, I recommend creating a Company for each location. You can use a naming convention like, "HGA Architects - San Francisco" to help differentiate. This will ensure that your contacts are associated with accurate locations.

    Note that we use the field "Web Domain" to prevent duplicate Companies from being added to Copper. With this in mind, you'll want to leave the field "Web Domain" blank on your Company records in order to allow for duplicate Companies to be added to Copper.

    Please feel free to schedule a quick 1:1 session with a member of our Customer Success Team if you'd like to walk through this concept in greater detail!

  • I too have clients with multiple locations and the issue I'm having is adding the same owner (same email address) for both locations.  I've created a second location with separate address, but I'm unable to attach the PERSON because he/she already exists with another company.

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